This site hosts examples of applications built using Bokeh, a library for building data visualizations and applications in the browser from Python (and other languages), without writing JavaScript.

An interactive query tool for a set of IMDB data

Source code: movies

Inspired by the Shiny Movie Explorer

Shows axis histograms for selected and non-selected points in a scatter plot

Source code: selection_histogram

Interactive weather statistics for three cities.

Source code: weather

A basic demo that has sliders for controlling a plotted trigonometric function

Source code:

Explore the "autompg" data set by selecting and highlighting different dimensions

Source code: crossfilter

A reproduction of the famous Gapminder demo, with embedded video added using a custom page template

Source code: gapminder

Exploration of UN popululation data trends

Source code: population

Query a data table and save the results to a CSV file

Source code: export_csv

An updating 3d plot that demonstrates using using Bokeh custom extensions to wrap third-party JavaScript libraries

Source code: surface3d